Safety Equipments, Why is it essential?

safety equipment

Safety is a major factor for skilled laborers and day laborers. It is very important to wear safety equipment in the workplace as it can cause many accidents without wearing it. The main purpose of wearing it to reduce employee exposure to hazards when administrative controls and engineering are not effective or feasible to reduce these risks to an acceptable level. These hazardous risks can vary from wet floors to falling debris.

Types of personal protective equipment are helmets, eye protection, high visibility clothes, respiratory protective equipment, safety footwear, and safety harnesses. Let’s discuss more about the personal protective equipment used at the workplaces. 


safety equipments


  • Head Protection

You can see workers wearing hard hats at the workplaces. They are designed to protect workers from falling or flying objects that would otherwise penetrate or impact the worker. Some of these hard hats are equipped with earmuffs and face shields. These hats must not be loose or small, it must be well fitted. 

  • Face and Eye Protectionsafety equipments

Safety goggles, full-face shields, and spectacles are the equipment needed for face and eye protection. Wood-work, metal-work, hot-work, and air tool operations require this type of protection. Face and eye protection wear is important as head protection wear. So always remember to wear protection wears since there is usually debris on construction sites.

  • Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection wear is very important in sites where toxic substances are present. Respiratory protection equipment like respirators can protect you from paint sprays, fumes, pesticides, dust, and other hazardous substances which may cause permanent or temporary impairment. Respirators must be strictly used were air contaminants are present.

  • Hand and Skin Protectionsafety equipments

This is the most important factor to be considered while doing work at sites. Gloves are the essential protective equipment for hand and skin. Absence of wearing this equipment can cause various skin diseases such as skin cancer, contact dermatitis, infections, and other skin injuries. Many types of gloves are used at sites like rubber gloves, chain saw gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and heat-resistant gloves. Usually, these gloves are used in industries related to glass, chemicals, hot materials, sheet materials, eclectic works, or when even handling slippery objects.


  • Hearing Protection

Noise pollution is also a hazardous factor in the work sites. Studies prove that about 82% of the workers working in the manufacturing sector face hearing problems. NIOSH recommended that workers who are exposed to noise must reduce to a level of 85 dBA for eight hours in order to reduce noise-induced hearing loss. Earmuffs and earplugs are the equipment used for hearing protection. Earmuffs can reduce high-frequency noise whereas earplugs can reduce low-frequency noise. 

  • Body Protection

In order to protect your body, high visibility shirts with reflective stripes should be worn by all workers. Each employee must wear full sleeve shirts, long work pants, and sturdy work boots while working on a construction site. Do not wear tank tops, sweatshirts, short pants, sneakers, sandals, or high heeled shoes on the working sites. 


Depending on the potential hazards and environment, additional personal protective equipment can be used. Using these kinds of equipment avoids unnecessary injuries in the workplace. As we have already discussed, safety is an important factor as it can even affect the life of a person. So it is vital to understand about various equipment that protects your life while working on industries or construction sites. 

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