Power Generation

Vertex offers a selection of power generation options to ensure that your business operations are not affected by power outages.

Our range includes:



Diesel Generator Sets provide essential power back-up for critical power applications. Another important application of Diesel Generator Sets is delivering power to remote locations where grid power is not available. These include remote villages, defence facilities, industrial plants, onshore and offshore platforms and telecommunication towers and equipment.

Vertex offers a wide range of DG sets for all types of applications from the smallest ratings to very large ratings. Vertex has tied up with leading manufacturers of diesel engines, alternators, governors and other diesel generator set accessories to assemble DG sets of the highest quality and meeting the latest international standards in efficiency and emission controls.

Our in-house capabilities in assembling and testing enable us to deliver DG sets of any rating that will meet your stringent requirements. Our tie-ups with multiple manufacturers help us to remain highly competitive while delivering DG sets that are of the highest quality and comparable to the ones supplied by OEMs at higher costs.

We also have an extensive network of service facilities manned by skilled technicians and stocked with the required spares. This ensures that you get the full range of services for operation and maintenance of the DG sets and get power at zero downtime.

We have supplied are DG sets to wide range of clients who are well satisfied with our sales and service support and have come back to us for further requirements.


  • Diesel, Gasoline & Gas powered Generating Sets
  • Capacity Range: 10 to 5000 KVA
  • Powered by Perkins, VolvoPenta, Doosan MAN, MTU, Engines
  • Leroy Somer, Stamford, Genpower Alternators in low, standard & high voltages frequencies
  • Deepsea, ComAp and other control & synchronization panels
  • Open Skid mounted, Sound & Super Sound-proof Canopies and Containerized Versions
  • Robust & Reliable Lighting Towers with different Engine options
  • Fuel Bunded Tanks in all Capacities & various dispensing options

Mobile Lighting Towers

Mobile lighting towers are used for properly illuminating a wide variety of places where permanent lighting is not available like public gatherings, outdoor events, construction sites, industrial facilities, etc. Lighting towers are fitted with various types of flood light fittings depending on the application. These are mounted on wheeled skids along with the power control panel and power generating set. The entire assembly can be towed to the place of application.

We are experts in assembling mobile lighting towers of any configuration. Our expertise in assembling skid-mounted equipment and DG sets gives us a definite edge in assembling superior mobile lighting towers. We have also tied up with leading lighting product manufacturers for procuring the best quality and latest range of light fittings to be incorporated in the mobile lighting towers for any type of applications. Our assembling and service staff are highly skilled and ever ready to develop, install and service customized solutions meeting the particular requirements of our customers.

We have a long list of satisfied clientele for our mobile lighting towers including industrial houses, oil companies, event managers and construction companies. We continue to deliver portable lighting solutions of any type and size for their varied applications.