Forklifts are the most extensively used material handling equipment in warehouses and construction sites that aids in the transportation of goods within the industrial platform. Having been widely used, these lift trucks serves the purpose of lifting and moving the goods with utmost ease. Being one of the top-end forklift suppliers of UAE, Vertex provide a wide range of diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, manual forklifts, heavy duty forklifts and rough terrain forklifts with different lifting capacities and the finest of technologies available today.

Our range includes:


Diesel Forklifts

We offer diesel forklifts in various capacities to suit your requirements. These are ideal for outdoor usage and can be used in rough terrain also. We are specialized in offering container mast machines for easy maneuverability. We also offer container handlers for port and logistics operations.

  • Range offered : 3 Ton to 25 Ton
  • Engine: Isuzu, Perkins, Nissan
  • Mast : Duplex / Triplex
  • Tires: Pneumatic / Solid
  • Maximum lifting height : 3 meters to 12 meters
  • Accessories: Side shifter, Fork positioner, Customized Forks, Clamps etc

Electric Forklifts

We offer electric forklifts ideal for interior and warehouse usage with zero emissions. Electric forklifts are cheaper to operate and maintain compared to IC forklifts.

In their lifetime, electric forklifts cost less for fuel, require lower maintenance as they have less moving parts and have considerably fewer lost hours from maintenance downtime and breakdown.

The key to offering these significant electric forklift advantages is the technology behind the electric motors and energy-supplying batteries.

  • Range offered : 1.60 Ton to 5 Ton
  • Power source : DC / AC
  • Mast : Duplex / Triplex
  • Tires: Pneumatic, Solid, Non marking
  • Maximum lifting height: 3 meter to 12 meters
  • Accessories: Side shifter, Fork positioner, Customized Forks, Clamps etc