Construction Equipment

At Vertex, we offer a range of construction equipments from well known brands at competitive rates. Our equipments offer optimum performance and are durable, fuel efficient and operator friendly.

Our range includes:


Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are tractors outfitted with shovel-like bucket attachments that are used to transfer materials like sand, dirt, demolition debris or gravel into a dump truck or other type of machinery such as a conveyor belt. At Vertex, we offer wheel loader with various types of bucket design from reputed brands to best suite your application. Our range includes wheel loader buckets that can be used for general purpose, multipurpose and ones which are suitable for carrying light materials and rocks. Selecting the right bucket for your wheel loader can ensure optimum machine performance and productivity at the workplace.


Backhoe Loader

Back Hoe loaders are utilized for a variety of applications, the main one being excavations. In railroad building and maintenance applications, backhoes are used to help place, move and shift track. These can be configured in a number of ways to suit specialty applications. We stock a range of back hoe loaders from reputed brands with features that include durability, high performance and low maintenance.

Maximize effectiveness and productivity with our range of wheel and back hoe loaders. Get in touch with us today for your construction equipment requirements.