Oil & Gas Refinery Equipments And Services

Vertex focuses on providing reliable equipments and customer focused energy solutions that aids in maximizing uptime and productivity in your oil and gas projects. We partner with leading construction equipment brands to offer you a strong suite of specialized equipments that are reliable in challenging situations and support your project requirements to the fullest. Whether the project is midsized or a large complex one, our experience and capabilities will ensure that we get the job done competently and according to your requirements.

Our scope of work

Upstream – We provide a broad range of services, equipments and solutions for the upstream sector. These includes conventional, shale and tar projects, exploration and production, offshore and onshore drilling, platforms and wells, operation and maintenance, central processing and gas oil plant projects.

Midstream – We deliver a range of services for the midstream segment which includes project management, construction and maintenance, storage facilities services and specialized transportation facilities.

Downstream – We provide specialized equipments, services and solutions for the downstream segment. These include petrochemical complexes and chemical plants, oil refineries, gas purification units, asphalt and plastic and polymer plants.