At Vertex, we specialize in providing a wide range of products, equipments and solutions to meet the continually changing requirements of various industries across the Middle East and Africa. These include construction, oil and gas, logistics and manufacturing to name a few. Whether you chose to start small or go big on your projects, our expansive product and construction equipment range as well as our flexible and cost-effective solutions will enable you to expand your company’s capabilities and enjoy a profitable growth project after project.

Industries we cater to:


Construction & Infrastructure

We provide a range of high performing construction equipments to support all stages of construction. Whether your project is for infrastructure, residential, industrial or commercial, Vertex has the equipments and the solutions to ensure productive and cost efficient results for you.

oil and gas refinery projects

Oil & Gas

It is essential that oil and gas facilities operate at maximum productivity and safety levels as the wealth of a country is significantly influenced by the extraction of oil and gas. At Vertex, we provide the requisite equipments and tools for conventional shale and tar projects, onshore and offshore drilling, platforms and wells to name a few. With our branded, high-quality products and equipments, we can help you in meeting your industry requirements reliably and according to all specifications.


Logistics and Warehousing

Vertex being a professional Storage company in Middle East provides wide range of storage and warehousing facility. It is very necessary from the customer point of view to choose the best relocation company who provide the reasonable cost on services like warehousing and storage and at Vertex you will get the best and affordable solution.